Richard Perez Designer Research Continued

Some added images that I thought were really good examples of his work.

Continuing on from the notes in my sketchbook, I feel that his work is simple because it can be easy to recognise what it is, or about. This is why it is effective, for example the picture with the ‘orange bow’ is for a company called Bow. He has made the bow stand out by making it orange, then he made the rest of the image shades of blue/green, this is how the bow is able to be bold/the first thing that you/the audience will see. also a reason why i think he has chosen to use colours of blue/green for the background is because the company Bow is meant to prevent any negativity from effecting your life. You should live a happy life, so the background people show event or things that cold cause negativity. Some of the images include a dead person, a depressed/possibly stressed person and and a angry/unhappy father looking figure.

I also attempted to create the drawing from my sketchbook, self portrait in his style, and tried to do it on Adobe Illustrator instead. I think it was much more difficult as i didn’t know how to use illustrator. The final outcome isn’t perfect but I feel as though that if I had more practice on illustrator then it would be much better.


This is based off his images on the people:


I decided to change the colour choice of green to blue and adapt how he creates the simple images of the people and create one of me in the same/similar style. There is much room for improvement, but as I previously said, I just feel as though I need more practice with the software.


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