CoLab Project: Progress Report/Timeplan

So far for or group project we have created a concept idea, this includes the name, target audience, how to play, number of players, colour scheme and logo draft. We have also decided upon the typography to use for the game.

We are currently designing drafts of the cards and logo and developing on them for the final creation. the cards are an important aspect of the game so we are thinking about making them look good ad stylish where the text is clear and easy to read. Once we have the logo and cards fully developed then we are going to move onto the board, packaging and, counters.

We need to create ideas for what will be advertised on the covers and the rule book on how to play and the number of items that are packaged within the box. We will have to research and test what material will be best to use for the board and the cards as they will need to last and possibly be renewable to help the environment.

Not to forget that to move along the board we need counters or something along those lines, these will have to be designed as there could be plenty of ideas to choose from.



23-27 November: Card Designs, concept ideas clear and finished, Logo design on computer,

28-4 December: Design board/start making game, make cards, design/make counters, rule book, Social media on company,

5-7 (Deadline): Check over everything, finish anything that needs to be finished, make sure the game works, evaluation on project/game,


Written by George and Ciaran

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