Game Ideas Collection

Name: Weren’t You Listening?

Audience: Family/Friends

Players: 3-6

How to Play: Roll the dice move left or right along the numbers, if you land on a question space you have to pick up a question card of the topic which you have landed on, answer correct move directly upwards, answer wrong move directly downwards. Or you roll again to see how far backwards or forwards you go. Keep going until someone reaches the goal. Number the cards and put the answers on a separate piece of paper.

Colour Scheme general:

Orange – R: 244, G: 115, B: 32 | C: 0, M: 68, Y: 100, K: 0

Pale Blue – R: 154, G: 220, B: 234 | C: 37, M: 0, Y: 7, K: 0

Pink – R: 244, G: 136, B: 185 | C: 0, M: 60, Y: 0, K: 0

Question Topics: Music (Chosen), Sport, History, (Unusual questions)

Theme: General Knowledge


Typography: Headings: Helvetica (Bold), Body text: Seravek (Standard)

Text on Colours:


Board Game Layout Idea:square-in-circle


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