Board Game Research

For my primary research on board games, I decided to look at the Monopoly packaging that I have at home. I found this helpful on what to include on the packaging and what isn’t necessary. the packaging design itself is simple, clear and effective above all. They are able to show the main cover graphics which shows off the TV program that the game is based off.

Along with this there isn’t too much text featured on the back, they use most of the space to show off the board and some of the cards/how it might look when you play it for yourself. The use of the colour yellow which links to the Simpsons because their skin is yellow, the colour represents this effectively.

To add to the top of the box, the game is easily recognisable by the big Monopoly logo which is well known. This logo is clear and is able to stand out well so that it is the first thing that the audience is going to see. this is what makes it so effective, along with the Simpsons graphics, you only need to put the logo in the top left as they are also widely recognisable to everyone.


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