Development (CoLab)

These are images of the booklet that will go in with the board game. It has instructions on how to play along with all the answers to the questions. they are bold, clear and easy to read. They also carry on the border style from the cards that are in the board game, this represents the links between the parts of the game.


The bottom of the box has been designed as above, it contains instructions, a component list and the people who were involved in designing the game. I also included our logo and board game look/layout to give an insight to the game. At the very bottom I have included the recycling logo and hazard logo for young kids as there will be small parts (for example counters) that could be harmful. The look of the board game look more appealing as I have put a perspective on it to make it look more engaging and eye catching towards the audience. For the boarders of the text I decided to use outlines along with a shadow to define the outlines more and giving it a smooth feel and look.


As for the player count icon, I took inspiration from other board game packaging and see what icon designs they use and try to convey a similar look that wasn’t exactly the same.

For the packaging for the top, I also used the factor of looking at other board game packaging and see what they included and what we haven’t, this allowed us to see what was missing (like the age rating, player count and the price) and put them onto our packaging. Along with this I felt that the colours used on the packaging were too bland so we decided to add a gradients to the colours on the cover to make it look more aesthetically pleasing and engaging towards the audience. The changes that I have made between the two designs is the age rating, price and player count additions.


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