Poster Design


the poster above that I have designed is very bright and vibrant. It almost feels welcoming to the audience so they want to read it. I tried to not over complicate the design, but I think there is maybe a bit too much going on at once for you to concentrate on one thing. that can therefore be something I can improve on. As for the general design, I have included the logo, box (which I had to use a flat picture and use multiple perspectives to make it look 3 dimensional and realistic), board and cards (along with the cards at the bottom which are trying to represent them flying out at the audience), lastly but not least, there are social links so the audience can search us up and fins out more at a later time/updates on our product.

I included small phrases about the game so you know what it is and about, in addition to this I have put in bigger text ‘available now’ this is so that it  is more bold and clear towards the audience. The use of ‘excessive’ colour is to match the colour theme and style of the game, but also to stand out and be bold. I feel that good posters are mainly both simple and eye-catching. out of these two factors I feel as though it is eye-catching but just a bit over the top in places.

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