I started off this by trying to draw a children’s face in different ways and in some different types of media, but when the tutor came round to give more detailed explanation on what you can relate emotion to it gave me the idea to have people in different colours. I find that this is now a really good idea to put forward as you can relate different colours to emotions and the people can act to how they feel. this can also make it easier to understand and yet the children can still have fun learning.


These are the emotion people after creating them on a computer. Personally they look much better, more appealing, eye catching and much neater. They provide a more clear look as to what they are meant to represent. It also gave me a chance to try out creating the characters on the computer as I wanted to see how different they’ll be to hand drawn illustrations.

After this i have decided to go onto some typography styles on paper, before trying them on the computer digitally. This allowed me to put some ideas although i think more will come after I start to design some digitally. The ideas that I have are to be made digitally in the end as they can be easier to create and mistakes can be undone.


Some of the typography design I have done on the computer are below. They are simple, colourful and bold, which will result in it being engaging to the children. The handwriting font could be made by hand and made on the computer to make it look more like children’s handwriting.

I have also created some thumbnail sketches/layout designs for how my page might look. These were not very detailed and were annotated with additional thoughts or how things would work, etc. The titles are different for mostly all of them because I am still unsure as to what type of title I am going to do. The general layout of the work will be clear and organised as I want the information  to be easily understandable for both the children and parents.

Layout Design

For the layout of my double page I wanted it to provide information and yet have an activity for the children to complete as well. So the idea that I had in mind was to have half the page for what emotions are or about certain emotions and the other half a children’s activity.



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