Questions asked to the children (Joe, Harper and Emily)

Joe (first answer), Harper (second answer) and Emily (third answer)

Favorite Colour – Gold, …, Yellow

Favorite Animal – Penguin, …, Reindeer

Favorite Toy – Couldn’t Decide, Giant Teddy Bear, Baking?

Favorite Place – Liverpool, Park, Zoo

Favorite Lesson – Maths, English, Dancing

Favorite Food – Fish & Chips, …, Fish & Chips

Favorite Drink – Coca Cola, …, Coca Cola

Favorite TV Show/Film – Jurassic World, …, PJ Max

Favorite Fruit – Mango, Strawberry, Strawberry

Favorite Pets – Tortoise, Dog, Parrot

Favorite Shape – Circle, Heart, Diamond

Scared of … – Spider, …, Sharks

Favorite Car – Fastest Car (Bugatti?), Camper Van, Camper Van

Where there are ellipses, it means that they did not answer/hear the question/too focused in the activities.

Opinions on My Designs

I didn’t actually get an opinion back from any of them but Emily and Joe enjoyed doing the line activity, and reading some of the information. So by this I feel that they enjoyed my work and the activity that I had put in place.

Infographics Examples

  1. Kathy Schrock


2. USICH (United States Interagency Council on Homelessness)


3. Unknown


4. UPS


5. Michelin


As for what I think about these infographics, I personally feel like they are easy to understand and are a clear way to present information/data with added visual aid. You can include charts if they help with presenting the information required. The image can have a set theme to carry on through the whole infographic and I feel as though that is what makes the images most effective.


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