Group Critical Analysis Reflection

From  the group critical analysis that we did, I was able to obtain feedback on my work, what was liked/disliked and what could possibly be improved. This set of feedback typed up will be slightly expanded for the things that was said but not written on the piece of paper.

Sheet from Group Critical Analysis:


More in Depth Answers

For what stood out from my designs, was the fact that the book explained what emotions are, this would enable the kids to still learn in a more fun way. In addition to this the use of having an activity on the right hand side of the page gives the kids something to do within the magazine. The activity also has a caption/description on what to do, therefore it is clear for the children to understand. The characters portray the different emotions well, and overall it is an interesting idea.

What could possibly be expanded further? By the looks of what was written and said, they couldn’t think of anything that could be expanded further for my work. What they said was that all the descriptions are ‘child friendly’ which is very good and shows you have recognized your target audience. You have covered most bases that you might be expected to see in a children’s magazine.

For how to create it more into a 3D or 4D element, they suggested an online magazine, therefore you could have added extras like movable elements, videos, etc.


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