PCA Meets PSCA Reflection

Going to the primary school yesterday was fairly fun, the kids enjoyed our company in the tasks of drawing and Okido activities. We were also able to ask questions to them with their full concentration, so we did get answers. I wasn’t able to remember my questions so my group ended up asking ones that are still relevant to the Okido project. The answers that we collected from the children were good, and did match what we were asking for, except for some.

As for my contribution, I was able to talk to them a bit, but they were more willing to talk to Chris, and Adam and Dan ended up asking most of the questions. I gathered all the information that they gave to us, and we saw the types of ideas that they had for the double page spread. Overall I feel that I may have been less involved throughout the day. although my general effort for the day was fairly high, this is because I wanted to complete the tasks at hand (questions and design feedback) and yet not bore out the children.

I did manage to show them one of my double page spreads as they were quick to go onto new tasks very quickly, and their opinions on it were bare. They just wanted to complete the task and that was about it before we had to the big drawing at the very end of the day. I’m taking it as they enjoyed the task and my design quite a bit, but I will never truly know as they never said anything about it. I did only show them the one design (one where with the lines and the people had to find their homes), so I have no idea which one out of the three they prefer. This would be one thing that I might improve from the day other than being a bit more involved with the question asking and the other tasks in the day.

Photos From the Day



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