Final Developments

For the final developments for my double page spread I’ve decided to use the guides to layout my work better to make it more clear and understandable. I also changed anything that looked too complex and all gradients all together. The only 3 dimensional element now is the title shape which people preferred from the survey I collected. The background is a pale blue because of the infographic that I created, I liked the look of the blue against the other colours (red, yellow, green and a darker blue).

The text ‘maze run’ is no longer 3D and has no outer glow, instead has a black outline (stroke) and a black colour fill with an opacity of 15% to make it look like a dark blue. In addition to this I put a line of dots below to separate the title to the description of what to do, this was also to match the dotted style which was used for the border for the characters on the other page.

I wanted the page to be much more simple than it was, this is to match the audience, the majority of the pages in the Okido book is simple, 2D and basic colours, so having gradients and 3D elements everywhere was too  much and I wanted to change that.

For the maze run task I didn’t like the fact all the ’emotion people’ were doing the same actions as before even though it is a maze ‘run’. Therefore I went back into Adobe Illustrator and created an illustration where they are running instead of doing their normal actions. I did this for one (yellow) and then just changed the others by changing the fill colour and not exporting them all in different colours.


Screenshot of Adobe Photoshop below:


For the project to work my design needs to be placed into Adobe InDesign, which I have done below, and also saved the file as an Adobe PDF. This is to the accurate dimensions of 400mm x 200mm, which is the size of an Okido book.



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