My finished double page spread


From the start of this project my initial reaction for making a magazine was great, it’s more of what I’m into. But for a children’s magazine I knew it had to be simple and clear, which put in a slight challenge as I needed to not over complicate things or overcrowd the page with assets. I did have to learn how to set up documents in Adobe InDesign and continue to get used to Photoshop, which I personally feel like I’m getting better with and more used to what it has to offer.

The inspiring aspect about the project is the fact we are making a magazine double page spread, what I enjoyed doing in my secondary school. Therefore I really wanted to do well for this project and work hard to get it completed to the best possible standard.

I believe that I did manage to come out with a design that is for children and can be easily recognised as a children’s magazine double page spread. At the start of the project I didn’t have an idea for the first week or so, the topic of ’emotion’ struggled me. Taking a few thoughts and help from the tutors gave me the idea of emotion by colours still with the use of people. So the idea of people being different colours to express different emotions was the finalised idea in mind. The colours would be bright and bold to make them eye catching to the children.

The experience throughout the whole project was good, learning new things about the software in which I was using (Photoshop). Not only that I had to use Illustrator to create the people and added extras that I needed. It was much more simple that I first thought at the beginning of college, but this project and the last are the first times using the Adobe software which is new to me. I feel that I am more confident using it now so I can do my work more effectively on it. I feel that using these programs to create my work – Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (Not as much), really helped to improve and create my work.

What didn’t go as well throughout the project was the the feedback given from college group critical analysis and the primary school trip, they didn’t really help with my design developments.  It may have been something I did wrong but overall no beneficial feedback was given to help improve my designs. When at these events to take everyone’s thoughts and ideas towards my work.

The way I would change my mistakes in future projects is by thinking more about the target audience, this is because I can create a design and forget who it is aimed for. So a magazine for children means it needs to be simple and clear, which to begin with, my designs weren’t very simple.

If I were to attempt something different within this project it would probably be the magazine research. The way I would attempt to change it is by seeing them first hand instead of on the internet or just by the Okido magazines that the college have for us to look at. It would be easier to analyse and see what elements are included and what ones aren’t. Using a range of children’s magazines as well could help with designing the double page spread.

The way I think other people will view my work is by thinking it is clear and simple. The colour palette that I ended up using is simple, not many colours used which provides a clear look and boldness of colours. Other people will probably think of the page as informative but also fun with the added elements of what emotions are and an activity especially for the children to complete afterwards.


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