Company Research

The companies that can be chosen for this project are:

  • 361 Energy Action
  • South Devon Coastal Renewable Energy Network (SDCREN)
  • South Brent Community Energy Society
  • Teign Energy Communities
  • Tamar Energy Community

361 Energy Action

This is a non-profit social enterprise where their aim is to promote energy saving and renewable energy within North Devon. The organisation was formed in December 2011 and is still running strong today. They are able to receive donations from the pubic to help support their work.


Their logo is is quite good and can be easily recognisable once you have seen it before and learnt about the company. It uses bold colours overlapping on the right side of the logo, this creates an eye catching design which will engage the audience. It could be improved though as it isn’t all clear what the star shape aspect actually is representing, so it doesn’t feel like it is representing the company.


As for the website itself, it mainly uses two main colours – white and blue. These two colours complement each other and not only this, they are bright and give the feeling of positivity. I feel as though the white represent the air/wind and the blue is more the sea/ocean and sky. I feel as though the colours chosen are good for a company like 361 Energy Action. The blue also connects to the word ‘Energy’ on their own logo.

South Devon Coastal Renewable Energy Network (SDCREN)

This company works to support people with renewable energy technologies to help with energy saving and renewable energy developments.They also want to encourage the establishments of new projects. The company is based in the South Devon Coastal Area.

South Devon Coastal Renewable Energy Network doesn’t have a logo and therefore it cannot be easily recognised from a small element such as a logo. Having a logo could be very beneficial as they can represent their company with it then when people see it they will be able to understand who it is representing. This company isn’t very well recognised nationally I would say, without a form of logo it would be harder to present their company around the South Devon in the UK.


The website for the SDCREN is simple and maybe a bit boring. Nothing stands out to the viewers, so they might be more willing to click off the page and not read any more. They could make improvements to the design of the website if they made it more engaging and eye catching with more use of colours or with the use of a bold colour palette that will relate to the company (e.g. green). The website’s pages themselves are small, and one reason for this could be because there isn’t much information on the pages.

South Brent Community Energy Society

South Brent Community Society was established in 2011 by members of Sustainable South Brent to take forward a medium size wind turbine project for the benefit of the community. The wind turbine was installed in August 2013 and began generating electricity in September 2013. The society also owns the PV array on the South Brent Recreation Association’s pavilion building. This was installed in June 2014 and has generated over 20MWh to the end of July 2016.

This company also doesn’t have a logo but just their name as what they can be recognised as. For this I feel as though a logo would benefit for the same reasons as I have put for the previous company. They can make their society more recognised by the public with the use of a logo to represent themselves.


As for the website design for the company, there is more to the page from the last energy saving company. But the colour is bland, not much to make it stand out, except for the blue from the white/grey background. But the blue is only used for the company name at the top of the page really, and I feel as though they could make a few changes in order to make the website more eye catching. In which case this will enable the viewers to want to read more and find out more about the company itself.

Teign Energy Communities

Teign Energy Communities vision is to achieve the widest possible community engagement with energy use and energy generation. They also want people in the local area to become more aware of, and engaged with their uses of energy, so that energy becomes as familiar as money. So far they have set up a Community Benefit Society which enables them to identify, deliver, own and run renewable energy installations.


As for the logo of the company, I feel as though it is actually quite good. The logo itself has a leaf where the stem turns into the lead and there is a plug on the end, now that represents the use of sustainable and renewable energy which doesn’t harm the environment. The symbol also represents the letter ‘e’ which fits into the abbreviated company’s name very well. The use of the colour shows the relation to the environment with the use of two tones of green, the lighter one being used for the leaf symbol ‘e’.



The website is also very well made with it being bright and colourful, which makes it engaging and friendly to the viewers. They have a running slideshow at the top of the page with a green strip to put 4 sections for useful information. This information is very clear and can be located very easily (easy to understand). It also separates the slideshow from the picture underneath, so it is very useful, making it much more organised and clear. The bottom of the page shows their vision in big bold letters and it is all in caps, this enables the viewers top be able to see what they want to help do for the community in the clearest form.

Tamar Energy Community

Tamar Energy Community are paying a lot of money on heating and powering their homes (around £16 million per year, or £44,000 a day across the Tavistock area). By working together they will be able to start stem this flow in numerous ways. They could make their homes and businesses more energy efficient and reduce the amount people need to spend. They are also trying to generate more locally, this is by investing in micro-renewables at home or work. They are also trying to tackle fuel poverty across the area, aiming for everyone to be able to enjoy a warmer and more comfortable home.

Tamar Energy Community is another company from the list to not have a logo, now I have already listed the many benefits of having a logo their companies.


The website for Tamar Energy Community is again colourful with the use of bold colours and a big slideshow gallery on the homepage. underneath is how to join their newsletter and some flyers on upcoming events or things you can do to help save money. Their company name is situated at the top of the page in bold so you can’t miss it. It could be much better as it does take up a lot of space with just their company name. They also just use simple colours and a simple drop shadow, but it isn’t the best looking aspect of the page in my opinion. As for each slideshow picture, there is a different set of text to talk about their company in short, so it is right in the middle of the page to what seem like it is throwing itself at the viewers for them to read it. It is also there to use up space as there isn’t much on the home page.

The company that I am going to choose

Out of all of these companies I am going to choose South Devon Coastal Renewable Energy Network because there isn’t much to their company in the first place in term so graphic design. So designing a new website and logo would be much easier and more beneficial to them. As they have no logo this would be very important for them to grow and be heard easier, and for their website it is a bit dull, so improvements can be made there.


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