Sustainability Research

What does Sustainability mean to me?

Sustainability to me means preserving the planet’s environment for future generations, energy that is created a sustainable manor will not impact the environment in a bad way. For every tree that is cut down for it’s contents/materials, 1 or 2 trees are planted to keep the forests/rainforests and just generally the nature alive. Animals home’s/habitats are being destroyed for our uses and therefore causing some animals to go close to extinction. Trees and other plants in the environment are important for both us and everything else on this planet, they are key to keeping the planet together. The Amazon Rainforest is one area of the world where the tree cutting is not sustainable as they do not plant trees after they are cut down and they mainly cut certain/rare trees. The process to cut down the tress and transport them and turn them into different products uses a lot of energy and releases loads of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The animals habitat is fading away and soon it will be all gone, the famous Amazon Rainforest will be gone. The things that happen when the trees are cut down are mining and farming, maybe cattle farming as well. All of these aspects aren’t very sustainable.


Sustainability Global Definition

From – The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

What kind of Sustainability does the Live Brief focus on?

The live brief focuses on environmental sustainability because the companies that we have a choice to re-brand are all focusing on how to save energy using renewable sources (e.g.wind turbines, etc.).

Sustainable Brands

From the 2014 analysis the most sustainable brand was Ford with Toyota close behind in second. This is from the website which has the top 50 sustainable brands from 2013/2014, click here to visit.

Sustainable brands are important for the future because they will help with the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and wastage.This is all important to keeping the environment clean for future generations.

Sustainable Brand Research (Ford Motor Company)


Ford is one of the longest American business companies to transform their business into a more sustainable business. They have had some setbacks along the way, but that isn’t stopping them from creating a ore sustainable company. Their areas of making their company more sustainable is improving the fuel economy and vehicle emissions through three technology innovation pillars ‘Green (sustainability), Safe (safety) and Smart (design)’ on a short to long term plan.

They are using EcoBoost innovation for better engine performance; Electric, Hybrid and flex fuel engines. This is by using recycled, renewable, reused and recyclable materials. Their journey to creating a more sustainable company has high hopes. John Viera was their Director of Sustainability and Environmental Policy for the Ford Motor Company in 2010, and he does a talk about their plans and journey in a video which you can watch here.

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