Company Branding Research

Company: South Devon Coastal Renewable Energy Network (SDCREN)

Brand Analysis (USP – Unique Selling Point)


  • Clear Layout
  • Plenty of Information


  • Bland (use of colour)
  • Small Font Size (maybe hard to read)
  • Doesn’t use the full width of the screen (loads of empty space)

Logo Design Development and Mindmaps


For my colour palette I thought to include either the colour green or blue, and I went for blue because the company is to do with South Devon Coastal Area. So the word ‘coastal’ made me want to use the colour blue for the palette of all my designs.


Three Developed Logo Concepts

The first design is the abbreviated company name in a more creative fashion, the other three were concept designs that I thought of afterwards.


I’ve also created another logo after creating the mindmap but this is in two variations, with and without a background. This is so I can see what works well and which works better as whole.


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