Brand Style Guidelines Research

Brand Chosen: Jamie Oliver

His style guideline is 104 pages long and has detailed information on how his brand is been designed to perfection. It explains what to and not to do with his logos, colours, photography and more.

Full Style Guideline

The layout of information within his brand guidelines is clear and easy to read and understand. The use of a white background shows professionalism and keeps the images added into the booklet clear. The headings of each page is big and bold, the typeface is neat and easy to read for the audience. It stands out from the rest of the page.

The pages look to be using guides to layout the information into columns (on certain pages) so the information can be understandable. The photography in within the guidelines booklet is bight and colourful, they are meant to stand out as visual diagrams/guides. They will help with what to do and not to, and the use of red crosses to represent the wrong things to do is simple.

The typography used in the guideline booklet is simple, and easy to read. The page headings are in bold and the text is regular but it isn’t a complicated font. This provides a clear read and easy read for the audience. it is close to a ‘Times New Roman’ font for the paragraph text where the headings are more towards ‘Helvetica’ and along that style. Even for the arrangement of text on products is used, what the font is and the weight of the font is included.

His logo design is either white or black as no matter what one of the two colours will work with a coloured background. The white does give  a more friendly look over lighter colours and the black over white gives a more strict professional look. It is more towards the friendly side because his style guideline, products and website are all friendly with the colours and layout of information. He wants to attract an audience of all ages, so a more professional look of just black and white might not appeal as much to children.

There isn’t much or any texture at all within his style guideline and website, he has a more clean look to his company’s look. It makes it more professional and neat, which relates to him and his cooking where the presentation is key. He doesn’t want it messy as he isn’t messy with his cooking or personality, so having a texture included wouldn’t work with who he is.

Jamie Oliver Website

His website is very much like the style guideline, it uses a white background but then has colourful strips and photos to stand out. The typography being used for his website is very similar but if it is different it isn’t much, in which case makes the typography used on the website effective.

His navigation system is the bar at the top of the page with is smooth and very clear, you can hover over them and they will come up with picture links or text links leading you to where you want to go. It is an easy to understand navigation system which is also colourful, this is making it eye catching as it is always at the top of the page. The font colour over the navigation  bar is clear and isn’t hard to see. it works well and matches with the colourful website that has been designed.


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