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David Airey designs brand identities for companies in need of them or a change. On his website he’s written ‘people are more likely to buy from you if the quality of what you sell is matched, or surpassed, by the quality of your brand identity.’ Since 2005 David has been creating distinctive identities for companies of all sizes across the world. He’s also written ‘if you want to take your business to the next level with a timeless design that gives a competitive edge.’

David Airey Books:

  • Work For Money, Design For Love – Answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting and running a successful design business


  • Logo Design Love – A guide to creating iconic brand identities


Examples of His Work



Ganze is a company where David Airey designed the brand identity. The company is a surf clothing label based in Ireland. David Airey was hired to create a logotype that would appeal to the target market of 18-25 year old women. His client asked if it could be a ‘young, funky and cool’ design. A design that would work in single colour (helping with print costs on bespoke t-shirt runs). The Ganze wordmark was custom created using the rolling surf as inspiration.

David Airey looked at the scalability of the logo – if it was readable if it was made smaller and how much smaller it could be made until it is unreadable. This is a key aspect, logos are made smaller to fit onto t-shits and other means of products. The logo has also been created to be shorted by just using the ‘G’ from the logo so that you can recognise it more easily.

logo-scalabilityLogo Shortened.PNG

The logo that David designed is effective because it is simple and shows off the young and funky look for young women. It is also able to use only one colour which the client wanted the logo to be able to use. An additional feature of just using the ‘G’ is especially good because it represents the whole company is the shortest possible way, and takes up less space. It’s similar to how Google uses just the letter ‘G’ where the four colours that make their colour scheme are used within the ‘G’.



Feru is a Moscow-based fashion brand named after Uzbek Designer Ferutdin Zakirov. David Airey had two designs for the re-branding of the company. On the website he created a PDF presentation of the re-branding of Feru. The logo was created to show elegance which will then appeal to the target audience. The target audience seems to be males of 25-50 with their ‘rich’ brand identity.

The colour palette of white to dark grey, this sort of colour palette fits the identity of the brand and what they are selling to their target audience.

The sub-brands of the company – Feru Blu and Feru Sport. The words ‘blu’ and ‘sport’ are using a different typeface and colour palette. This represents the different areas of the company, as the main company logo is white – dark grey – black, the sub-brands are more eye catching and bold due to their colour palette.

As for the 8-pointed star, it is inspiration from Uzbekistan’s emblem – gives the Feru symbol a sense of he geographical origin behind the brand. Turning the 8-pointed star into a range of triangles to give the brand it’s new identity.


The triangles are now part of the brand’s new identity. They are used in the advertisements of their sub-brands as well as their own logo.

The brand identity is effective because it represents the elegance and richness of the company. It also shows off the colour contrast in the logo to make the sub-brands stand out.

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