Website Design Research


Website design is providing a clear navigation system with good organisation of information. Having a good colour scheme can help with making the pages eye catching to the viewers. Having a dull website (poor colour choice, bad organisation of information and navigation system) wouldn’t keep the audience interested and engaged. So the website has to be well designed so it is clear to the audience, and the information can be read easily (big enough text so it can be read clearly). The website now needs to work on all devices (PC, tablet and mobile), this makes it mobile friendly and easy to access when on the move.

Website Effectiveness Comparison

South Devon Coastal Renewable Energy Network Website

361 Energy Website

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The difference in the two websites is quite big. 361 Energy has more colour in the website with a logo and clear navigation bar situated at the top of the page. The use of a slideshow just underneath engages viewers as it contains recent or upcoming events, articles etc. The viewers would want to find out more, and the blue background behind the slideshow makes it bold and eye catching. The blue also add to the colour palette of the company, and makes the page more colourful and less dull.

The SDCREN website doesn’t use much colour and it looks very dull, it can be changed majorly for the viewers to want to find out more about the organisation. The use of not having a logo prevents the company from having business stationery which could improve their marketing and promotion. In addition to this the text on SDCREN’s website is a bit small and the viewers could have trouble reading the information, this is an important aspect of the website and needs to be amended.

The websites need to be checked as to whether they are mobile friendly or not as this is a huge factor in our new generation. If they aren’t mobile friendly then that could affect the audience viewing the website as you don’t know how they are viewing it. Not everyone uses a computer to view websites now. 361 Energy uses several boxes just below the slideshow to show the different blog posts, news updates, events, etc. and you can get a read of the first couple of lines and choose whether to read more or not. I think that it is clever as the viewers can have a glimpse first.

The site navigation on SDCREN’s website is not as effective as 361 Energy’s because it is down one of the sides of the page  which can change depending on what page you click on. There are also loads of pages to choose from which could maybe be put into categories at the top of the page and have it freeze to the pages so it is always there for easy access. Also SDCREN doesn’t advertise any social media, this could be because it doesn’t have any and this is again important to promoting and marketing a business/organisation in the new generation.


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