Logo Designs Finalised

Company – South Devon Coastal Renewable Energy Network (SDCREN)

The ideas I had for the developed designs for the company’s logo were to have a small icon next to the abbreviated company name. I thought that this would be a better style logo that incorporating the company name on top of the logo. This was also because I did research on effective logos like Adidas, Nike, Pepsi, and more, their logos are small and can have the company’s name next to it.

Initial Ideas

There aren’t many initial ideas towards this company’s logo because there isn’t much to the company, to begin with. Therefore found it difficult to think of ideas to make a logo for this company. I wanted to use the abbreviation compared to the full company name as it would be easier to remember, I might include the company name in small underneath the abbreviation and see what it looks like.


The typeface for this logo is ‘Calibri’, the reason for this is because I wanted it to be simple and have small curves on the edges. The typeface should be clear and nothing fancy because I feel the company’s identity should be professional and not ‘silly’. The font ‘Calibri’ is an easy to read font and that is important if it is hard to read then it isn’t very effective and wouldn’t work.

logo 1

The Inspiration for the first logo:


How the design was created:

For me to create the style of the logo I wanted I put together circles and rectangles to be able to create the design. From there I cut out the parts I didn’t want or need in creating the object that I wanted. For the colour scheme, I wanted it to be blue because the idea is based off a hydroelectric power plant (dam). The design of the gradient colours is based on the company that I used to research the stationery design. I thought it was good and I thought I could maybe try to represent water/waves with it.


Finished Outcomes of the First Logo:

For the finished outcomes, I got rid of the outline on the logo because I thought it was a bit much and looked better without it. It gave the logo a cleaner finished look. I thought this would be beneficial to the logo design because it gives it more of a professional look, which clients would then think of the company as reliable.

I’ve also created this logo using gradients instead to see what it looked like:

The result looks even more professional but it may look a bit dark which could be changed to make it look more eye-catching and engaging. I could do this for the other logos that I have designed to see what they look like when completed as well.

Logo 1 Variation

For the variation, I looked on the company’s website to see what renewable energy installations they have done and based the colours of them. Blue – Hydro, Green – Biomass Heating, Grey – Air Source Heat Pumps. I thought the main design of the logo was pretty good, and changing the colours could work as a second idea. This log has more meaning to the company to the previous logo which just used the colour blue. Therefore I feel as though this logo might work better for representing the company.

logo 2

Inspiration for the second logo:


The idea I had for this logo was to have a house in the centre with leaves surrounding it. So this logo concept was a good starting point for inspiration on my own design. The house will, however, be green as this logo was being based off renewable energy – linked to the environment.

I had to create the house on Adobe Illustrator before creating the complete logo. It is easier to create it in Adobe Illustrator first then import it into Photoshop afterwards to then edit it.


Finished Logo 2

The house colours are based off the previous designs where there are different shades of green. I thought that maybe I could incorporate that idea into this design of the house. the leaves outside the house use the different shades of green to give it more of an appealing look to the logo.

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