Brand Awareness Research

Brand – McDonald’s

The following images are slides form our group presentation:


The four key aspects to create a good logo are:

  • Reliable
  • Meaningful
  • Simple
  • Memorable

All of these factors are important as they summarise good logos. People need to be able to just see the logo and know what it is for it to be effective. An example of a logo which people instantly recognise is Nike.


Colours are important as they make the brand stand out and engage towards the customers. Colours reflect emotions, so certain colours can be better than other when advertising certain products, features, etc.

Advertising (McDonald’s)

The advertising of McDonald’s is very clever, this is because they use their product (food) as the biggest and more eye catching feature of the advert. They also make it look so appealing towards the viewers and this can make them want to go there and buy that meal. The use of the red backgrounds links to their colour scheme of the company, so they are able to guess that it’s McDonald’s advertisement.


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