Carbon Footprint Research

Company Research – WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)

Purpose & Objectives

WWF wants to present data on how much carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere on a daily basis for out own needs using their survey that they created. They will then give tips on how you can reduce it and help benefit the environment. They want to help change people lives, the way they live in order to help preserve the environment and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions into the environment.

WWF Survey Results

Survey Analysis Questions

1. Did they focus on a specific area in the survey?

They didn’t really focus on a specific area of the survey because they looked in the areas of food, home, travel, and other stuff.

2. How does this reflect their aims and objectives?

This reflects their aims and objectives as broad because they are not focusing on a specific area, they want to try and reduce carbon emissions in all the areas.

3. Does it add any instructions with the information? What do these suggest?

At then end of the survey they give out tips on each of the four sections that could help reduce the footprint, but then there is a link to the full list of things you can do. This information is extremely useful to those who’s carbon footprint is excessively big and should be much lower.

Company Carbon Footprint (British Gas)

The Independent Website

British Gas has been revealed to use more coal to produce more electricity now than they did the past 10 years. British Gas is therefore not as carbon friendly as the customers may think, to produce the amount of electricity that is in demand, they are resulting to burning coal. Will Hodson of consumer collective The Big Deal said “profits are what matter ti these companies, not people, and certainly not the planet. With climate change looming, this approach is completely unacceptable.” This is a powerful quote that demonstrates the unawareness of the consumers of the companies.


Carbon Footprint Infographic



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