Finalised Logos Developed

Developed Logos

For the developments, I made the logos look more professional by applying gradients. I did this because I felt that my previous idea for the designs was too simple and could be developed a little further for them to look better and more engaging. I also made sure they were completely finished, this is because with my last designs there were some gaps in the colour that were not filled in so I have fixed that in these logos.

Logo 1 Developed

Logo 1 Variation Developed

Logo 2 Developed

Chosen Finished Logo


I chose this logo over the others because I felt it had more meaning with the use of colours and the dam for the outline. I also asked a few people in my household and college what logo was the best, and with a few going to the other logos. The majority of the opinions were towards this logo. The use of colour for the logo gives the re-branding of company’s identity a better colour palette than before. The three colours all link to their projects and the environment which makes this logo the most effective out of the three designed.


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