Business Card Designs

Initial Designs/Ideas

I looked at inspiration for my designs by googling ‘business card designs’, and a lot of them were made with loads of aspects but one did catch my eye.


I thought that this business card design was simple and effective, and I could use it for inspiration for the company I am re-branding. 

I looked up the areas where SDCREN operates in, and one of the places was Wembury. So I thought to have a Wembury Beach view for the background of the cards. The image of Wembury that I have used was from Google as an example of what it looks like, will change for one of my own photos finalised design.

I have exported the designs with the Wembury background and also with a white background.

Front Of Card

Initial Ideas:


Card Design 1

Card Design 2

Card Design 3

Card Design 4

This design provides more of clean look, no added extras, just the background and logo. I think that it is quite effective. I feel as though the first and last designs are the most effective out of the four. The use of Wembury Beach as the background makes it eye-catching, it has many colours within the image. The logo is  in the very centre of the card so the audience is able to know the company of the business card.

Back Of Card

Initial Ideas:


Card Design 1

Card Design 2

The reason for using both blue and white for the colours is because it was pointed out to me that the blue makes the text a little hard to read, and maybe white might be a better option.

Card Design 3


The third design is much different to the previous designs because my tutor found the previous too complicated and the information was too small. His idea was to have the main logo faded on the right hand side with the information bigger on the left. Also to include the website as well, so people can access information on their phone about the company while out and about.

Finalised Business Card Design (To Develop)

This business card design is simple and effective in what it is representing. It can be developed in the smallest ways to make it the best it could possibly be, my problem before was that I was making my designs too complicated. The logo on the front could be bigger, and the back cover can be organised to a higher standard so the information is clear and understandable.

After some developments with the design, I have created two ideas for the final business card. F

Design 1

Design 2

From these two designs I have got rid of the Wembury Beach background and just left it white, this is simple and clear. The first design just shows the logo on the front cover, this could make the audience want to see the other side to find out about the company. The back cover then has the full logo displaying the full company name in full (small). The text may still be too small so that might still have to be adjusted if needed.

The second idea is having the full logo and company name on the front then the back just contains the information along with the faded logo.

I did still check to see what the card would look like if I had kept the beach on the front of the card of these two designs.

It looks quite good and might work but more with the second front cover, I feel as though this might be because of the card presenting the full company name and logo.

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