The Future: Evaluation

The brief for this project was the most exciting one of them so far. The amount of work to be put into this project was a lot because of having to re-brand a company’s identity. The work to produce to is more of what I’m into – designing logos, websites, and posters. The processes being put into the project includes having designs on paper of logos, websites, and posters, but after re-creating them onto the computer. This meant using Adobe Photoshop and the chance to build upon those skills that I have acquired from using the program.

The inspiring aspects of this project for me were the chances to design a new logo, website, poster and business card and more. The reasons for these aspects inspiring me are that I find designing a company’s identity exciting and fun, it is more of what I am into (graphic design).

I do feel as though I have managed to achieve what I have set out to do at the start of the project. At the start of the project, my intentions were to finish the project to the highest standard and build upon the skills I already have and gain new skills. The new skills I have learned include not making design ideas so complicated, the simple ones can sometimes be the most effective designs.

Throughout the project, I felt like I did struggle with some ideas for designs for the company’s identity. The original company identity for SDCREN was bare and this should’ve been easier to re-brand the company. However, I felt that it was harder due to there being nothing from the company’s identity to adapt or take inspiration from. The reason I may have felt this way is because when companies rebrand, it is adjustments to the current company identity.

The new skills and techniques I have learned throughout this project are mainly to not over complicate ideas, keeping it simple can make the design more effective. This was proven within my designs for the business card, where the initial designs I had in mind were too cluttered and unclear, making the design more simple made it more clear and gave it more of a professional look.

The equipment that I used within the project was mainly Adobe Photoshop with the use of Adobe Illustrator in small cases for small details for the poster. This equipment did help with my creative work because I was able to improve my skills on the software from the previous project and therefore felt more comfortable using it. The software has many features that can help with the designing process. In addition to this mistakes can be easily undone, this helps me a lot as this is hard to do on paper.

Overall the areas of the project that didn’t go as well as planned were the sting/GIF and the ideas generation. The sting that I had created could’ve been created much better for a better outcome if I had more time to plan and create it. I was focused too much on the other parts of the project that I had to hand in that I forgot about the sting. If I was able to, I might’ve considered re-doing the sting with a plan on what I was going to make first. As for the ideas generation, this was a struggle for me, thinking about how to give the company a logo they didn’t already have was difficult. This could’ve been helped by having more research into the company and what they do, therefore the range of ideas would be much wider.

The way in which I would change or amend my mistakes from this project into future projects is by producing more of a plan for all of the pieces of work. Therefore when I get round to producing that piece of work I will know what to do. I could’ve also done more research throughout the project, into more artists for website design, poster design, etc. This might’ve improved my ideas generation for the pieces of work as well.

I did attempt something different within the project which was the business card design, and if I didn’t then the whole company identity would be much different. The new approach worked because I went from creating complicated designs to a more simple and bold look which works more effectively. The result from the change improved the way I thought about designing the website – keeping it clear, easy to understand and bold.

I think other people would think my work on rebranding the company’s identity makes it look more professional, reliable and memorable. The use of a simple colour palette and simple logo design can make the company’s identity more memorable than before and would be very useful for the audience. The more professional and reliable look of the company would attract a bigger and wider audience, this will help to make the company become more well known.


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