Linked In – Evaluation

You can look at LinkedIn as an online CV, networking tool and hiring tool all in the one. The network is all about taking your professional lives seriously – finding new opportunities to grow their careers, it also has the ability to connect to professionals. It works very similarly to Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is just more of a professional networking site in comparison to other forms of social networking sites.

The benefits of having a LinkedIn account include the ability to have connections to colleagues, businesses and other vital connections in the online community. LinkedIn can be used to showcase both their personal professional successes and their business’. You are able to have personal and company pages, but the main focus is professional. It holds the ability to connect to professionals, it is useful for applying for jobs and allows you to present you in your own way – for artists a creative way.

You can use LinkedIn to connect with other creatives by the use of connections (similar to friends – Facebook). You are then able to share your professional successes as part of your business or personally. Either way, you are showcasing your work in a professional manner and your connections are in a similar industry. By the use of connections, you are able to look at other creative users and their work that they decide to showcase and share, it might give inspiration to the project or work that you are currently doing.

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