Unit 9 – Overview and Dates

Important Dates

Start Date – Monday 20th March 2017

Proposal, Time Plan & Bibliography Deadline – Wednesday 26th April 2017 (5 Weeks)

Unit 9 Deadline – Wednesday 24th May 2017 (9 Weeks)

Unit 8 Deadline – Monday 12th June 2017 (12 Weeks)

Unit Requirements:

  • Complete a blog and associated tasks
  • Your own logo and business card
  • A creative CV
  • A LinkedIn Account
  • An online portfolio (7 Slides minimum)
  • A 5 Year Plan
  • To have attended and reflected on at least 2 HE Workshops
  • Final 400 word evaluation including character analysis

Character Targets for End of Term (Areas to Improve)

  • Communication
  • Drive

I need to improve all areas of the character matrix as a whole but the areas that will need the most improvement are ‘Communication’ and ‘Drive’. The motivation to complete work and any extra work that can benefit the project (going the extra mile). The use of communication to contribute ideas and opinions to others and taking in their thoughts.

Progression Target for End of Term

At the end of the term I want to maybe have my own business but mainly more creativity in my work, be able to think or more ideas easily and faster.

Final Major Project – 3 Words that come to mind from these words

  • Big
  • Important
  • Challenge

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