BlogTheWeek – 22/03/2017

This week has been the start of the new project and because this is a big project compared to the one’s previously completed, there were loads of information and documents to go through. It was a lot to take in and remember, with the fact that the work needs to be done to specific deadlines (3 to be exact). This week has mainly been less about working on the project and more idea strategies and gaining all the information that will be needed and helpful to complete this project.

For me, this week has consisted of me mainly generating ideas and starting mindmaps and mood boards for the research area of the project, I did struggle to develop ideas to begin with because the project is free to do what you want. I’m more used to having guidlines, requirements so this project might be a slight struggle. I have now got some ideas for this project and what I could do, they all link to me and my interests in a way so it links to the ‘Day in a Life’ in a small way.

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