Unit 8 Dates & Idea Generation Record

Important Dates

Start Date – Monday 20th March 2017

Proposal, Time Plan & Bibliography Deadline – Wednesday 26th April 2017 (5 Weeks)

Unit 9 Deadline – Wednesday 24th May 2017 (9 Weeks)

Unit 8 Deadline – Monday 12th June 2017 (12 Weeks)

Mind Maps


Inspiration – they are related to my mind map of ideas:

Ideas I have for my final piece are bare, but they are along the lines of having an image in the style of an advertisement or front cover to a magazine/book. I have ideas for animations as well, but what they would be about I’m currently unsure about. I think for this project I will base it about me and my life, so keeping along the lines of the ‘Day in the Life’.

Mood Boards

Main Mood Board

Mood Board

Individual Mood Boards for Different Ideas

Initial Sketches

Car Ideas

Football Ideas

Games/Film & TV Ideas

Gym Ideas

I felt like the ideas I had for the gym would be very similar to the ideas already sketched out so they might be variations of the previous ideas.

Tutorial Discussion

The ideas that I wish to take forward include:

My target audience is aged 14-50, male and female, this is because the topics I have decided to pursue are football and cars. People older than the age range might not be into these selected topics as much, but if they are, they might prefer the older cars and players which are not the areas I’m focusing on. The main audience focus will be males but it will also be appealed selected females who are into football and cars. The visual intent for my ideas is my hobbies and interests, I’m deciding to represent them as either a poster or animation styled piece of digital work.

3 Developed Ideas

Idea 1

This idea includes making a magazine front cover, poster and animation of my hobbies and interests. The reason for this idea is because I want to show my enjoyment in creating posters and magazine covers for graphic design, but also learn how to make a simple and effective animation. I have made small animations but I reckon there are easier ways to create one. The images will be my interests, hobbies and ambitions, this is then representing me.

Idea 2


My second idea is to make a magazine about me with different sections that may include my day in the life, interests, ambitions, etc. The magazine can include posters (like advertising) and links/QR codes to videos (animations). This idea is probably better in the ways that it give me more freedom and more of a topic and focus area (to create a small magazine).

Idea 3



This idea consists of creating animated posters of my interests and hobbies. I like to design posters and learning how to make it animated is something I want to try and do. I might create around 3 posters on football, cars and something else (myself normally, or doing a drawing).

Chosen Idea

The idea that I want to take forward for my project is idea 2 (creating a small magazine about myself – day in the life, ambitions, interests and hobbies). I feel as though this idea has many branches off for new and different opportunities that I have not done before. It will allow me to demonstrate my graphic design skills along with any other skills that I want to develop or learn (animation). I will make a front cover, contents page and around 3 double page spreads which will contain a poster which can be animated via a link, and an animation to view online. The outcome for this magazine can be either digital (online) or printed, or both.


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