BlogTheWeek – 29/03/2017

This week consisted of finishing my idea generation record and gaining additional ideas for my project. I also got the set ideas that I wanted to put in my magazine because of the idea generation record. Creating a small magazine about myself, my hobbies and interests with my day in the life as the main article. The ideas for adding posters and having them animated via a link was something I wanted to give a go because animated posters and really engaging and effective. In addition to this I’ve decided to an animation on myself playing football because it is also something I want to try out and see whether I would like it.

I now need to start the research process of animators, typographers, magazine designers and more. Also analyse magazines, posters and animations to see what they do, what makes them effective and maybe how they made it. I will also look at the features, the amount of columns used and how they use colour etc.


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