BlogTheWeek – 05/04/2017

This week was a continuation of the research that I had started the week before. I was mainly concentrated on the analysis of an online magazine, poster design and an football goals animation. I am seeing the design layouts and what is included in the magazine and the poster. SO I’ve found out how it can be effective and how I can do the same for my own poster and magazine. For the poster it is more effective if you have what you want to showcase the most eye-catching feature and biggest. This can may mean blurring the background to improve the boldness of the main feature.

This week has been production and very helpful for how I can make my outcomes look like an authentic poster and magazine.  The plan is to have the poster within the magazine and it will relate to an interest of mine (most likely a car). Still to do: artist research in specific fields and technique research, what is an animation/typography and how it can be effective.


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