Design Your Future (Unit 9)

Personal Logo

Font Used: BankGothic Md BT

Business Card

5 Year Plan

Your 2

year plan.

Your 5

year plan.

Your life goals.
Future possibilities: Going to University Future possibilities: Completing University and finding a job in car concept design Future possibilities: A good and happy job, with a family and happy life
Progression target: More confidence Progression target: Fully confident and vocal to express my ideas Progression target: Maintain a good work rate and possibly improve upon it
Professional skills target: Be more skilled with adobe software (professional standard) Professional skills target: Working efficiently and professionally in the required field Professional skills target: Be producing professional designs for the sufficient job
Career / job


Anything – e.g. Sales Assistant Career / job


Sales Assistant / Car Concept Designer / Car Artist / Graphic Designer Career / job


Car Concept Designer / Car Artist / Graphic Designer


Self-sufficient Financial


Self-sufficient / Living away from home Financial


Able to make a sufficient living / have a good living
Bucket list target: Be able to drive with my own car Bucket list target: Be working with something related to art / job ambition Bucket list target: Own or drive a supercar

Creative CV

Analysis of Examples

  1. Professional Styled


This CV is presented and designed in a way where it looks professional, very neat and clear to understand. The use of the black and white colour scheme reinforces the professional style and look for the CV. The use of the change in colour presents a border between two sets of information, so in this case, the left side contains various contact details and social media information and references. The right side then has all the past employment, education history and skills, maybe a personal statement and hobbies as well. The way that they represent the skills is effective because it uses a bar which is filled to the standard in which they think they are (it’s kind of like a rating out of 10 but using a bar instead of numbers).

2. Graphic Design Styled


This creative CV represents more of their interests and skills visually, this is done by the use of colour and the additional visual elements – these include the charts and graphs. The background to the CV is also not white it is more of a grey so the whole page includes some form of colour so that it isn’t plain and boring. The colour also provides a more bold and engaging CV as it will stand out from stereotypical CV’s that everyone else creates. The use of the charts and graphs are a key feature of the CV, it is an effective way to represent his skills, career history and languages to the interviewer.

3. Illustrator Styled


This CV represents the person in more of an illustrative way by having an illustration of himself in the centre using various techniques and styles. It is then very eye-catching towards the interviewer, not only this the use of the minimal colour everywhere but the illustration presents a colour burst and makes the illustration bold in comparison to the rest of the CV. The illustration makes the CV engaging and for you to want to read about the person. The rest of the CV is very neat and provides a  clear understanding of the person, it uses a clear layout and uses a set colour scheme of not too many colours.

My Own Creative CV

Creative CV for WordPress

2 HE Workshop Evaluations

Workshop 1: Graphic Design

What did you learn?

We learnt about letterpress, what it is and how to use the printing method. Also how to create our own templates and printing them on the old machinery.

What did you find most useful or interesting about the workshop?

How printing methods have changed because the letterpress method uses old machinery and requires more work to get the outcome.

Has this workshop positively or negatively shaped your opinion of progressing onto HE?

I would say a bit of both because the whole subject area of graphic design is interesting but this workshop wasn’t the most fun.

Workshop 2: Creative Advertising and Brand

What did you learn?

We learnt about the importance of advertising and what make it effective. Also how to engage your audience with your product/company.

What did you find most useful or interesting about the workshop?

The importance of branding and how the simplest things can be the most effective aspects of advertising. Being able to create your own advertisement with creative thinking and imagination.

Has this workshop positively or negatively shaped your opinion of progressing onto HE?

This workshop has positively shaped my opinion of progressing onto HE because it was an interesting and fun workshop.

Online Portfolio

Website Link:

Unit 9 Evaluation

Things that went well in unit 9 included the creative CV, online portfolio and my logo/business card. I feel as though these went well because I found them fairly easy to do and ale to express myself and my skills in those tasks. I found myself being able to showcase myself and my skills digitally along with the actual work being my CV or actual work. I also enjoyed doing these tasks a bit more than the others because it required creativity and how you want to be represented. I wanted to make myself look professional so the colours black and white were commonly used to give that representation.

Something that didn’t go to well was the 5 year plan and the higher education workshops. I struggled to complete the 5 year plan because I couldn’t think of what to put in some of the boxes. This effectively made me take a bit longer than required on it. The higher education workshops were useful for an insight on what to do after this course ends. However, some of the tasks that we did in the workshops were not too interesting to even though I like the subject area. However some were fun and gave a great idea of what the course holds for us, this was for the creative advertising and brand workshop.

I can’t think of something that I wouldn’t do again because all of the tasks in unit 9 are very helpful and useful for our future and preparing us for what to do next. There was a task on universities and employment which required us to research universities and courses and see the differences and how one may be better than the other. This can factor in location, course details, accommodation and more. In addition to this the employment task was very similar where we looked at jobs we would be interested in doing for the future. We looked at the pay, how to get the job (experience, skills and qualifications) and details on the job, what you’ll do etc.

For my character targets, I wanted to develop communication and drive. I feel as though I have hit drive but communication could be improved more still. I feel as though I have the motivation to get tasks completed when they are required and perform the tasks in a professional manner. My communication could still get improved by asking more questions and raising my voice to be heard when necessary. I am able to ask questions if I am stuck and able to sometimes share my opinion, it just isn’t all the time.


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