The Future: Evaluation

The brief for this project was the most exciting one of them so far. The amount of work to be put into this project was a lot because of having to re-brand a company’s identity. The work to produce to is more of what I’m into – designing logos, websites, and posters. The processes being put into the project includes having designs on paper of logos, websites, and posters, but after re-creating them onto the computer. This meant using Adobe Photoshop and the chance to build upon those skills that I have acquired¬†from using the program.

The inspiring aspects of this project for me were the chances to design a new logo, website, poster and business card and more. The reasons for these aspects inspiring me are that I find designing a company’s identity exciting and fun, it is more of what I am into (graphic design). Continue reading


Final Outcomes


Business Stationary Design

Business Stationary Layout


Website (Computer Design)

Website (Mobile Design)

A4 Magazine Advertisement

The preview image is the poster design photoshopped onto a Google image, it is to get an idea as to how it will look in a magazine.

Creating The Sting

My finalised sting consists of using shells to create the logo (three stripes). The outcome wasn’t as good as expected. The use of shells for creating the logo didn’t work and it just looks like random shells moving around. For the end of the sting I wanted to animate the logo, I thought that it ould make the sting have more meaning and more professional. The improvements that could be made for my sting is having a better idea of what to produce for the sting, it was hard to think of what to do and we weren’t given a lot of time to produce the outcome.

The finalised sting was created and edited on Adobe Premier Pro, I haven’t used the program before and was clueless on where to even start. But after using it with help on how to use it I am feeling more confident, therefore I would be able to use the program again if needed. Another way the sting could be improved is using a different type of organic/natural form, e.g. leaves, rocks, or something else.

Website Designs

Creating the navigation:


This is the navigation for SDCREN’s website at the moment, for me it’s too long and complicated. They could group up the sections with the use of drop boxes to organise the navigation more effectively.

  • Home
  • About SDCREN – About, Events, Local Installations, Local Installers, SDCREN Wiki, Renewable Energy Tours
  • Useful Information – Guestbook, Case Studies, Renewable Heat Install Training, Toolkit, Community Energy, Top Tips
  • Newsletter
  • Contact Us Continue reading

Website Front Page Research

Website Design Research – What makes an effective website?

All of the factors below create an effective website:

  • Proportion
  • Scale
  • Use of image/photography/illustration
  • Use of colour
  • Use of branding
  • Language (target audience)
  • Navigation and direction of information
  • Typography (presentation of information)
  • USP’s (unique selling points)
  • Mobile and tablet friendly design

Website Research



The proportion balance between the images and text is big, the images are bigger than the text, so the images are the first features the audience see. The text is not the main focus of the home page for the website. It’s the added detail but it’s the imagery they want the audience to focus on. Continue reading